NauticalEase Prep/Cleaner

NauticalEase Prep/Cleaner
This cleaner is made expressly for inflatable boats. Safe for both PVC and Hypalon fabric inflatable boats. Nautical Ease Inflatable Cleaner is used by many US Coast Guard stations, inflatable repair centers, inflatable boat manufacturers and sold in many marine stores where inflatable boats are sold. The number one product for cleaning inflatable boats on the market today. Nautical Ease Inflatable Cleaner dissolves dirt, grease, and the white oxidation on red and all colors of inflatables -- even diesel exhaust smudge. Contains NO silicones or petroleum distillates, two chemicals that should NEVER be used on inflatable boats. Nor does it contain bleach or ammonia. Nautical Ease Inflatable Cleaner is a must cleaner for dirty or faded inflatables. 32 oz.
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